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Welcome to our Training Tips!

The moment you pick up your new puppy, somebody is training someone!
Make sure it is you that is training your puppy and not the other way around.
A dog can be sent away to be trained by a trainer, but the owner also
needs training.  Hiring a trainer to train you too, will truly make for a much
better relationship for everyone.

Remember that dogs are pack animals.  
It is imperative that you assert yourself as the pack leader from the very
first moment.  Your pets must be taught to be followers, not leaders.

When socializing your new puppy, always make certain they have been
fully vaccinated prior to their first visit to a dog/public park.

Check the AKC website for Good Canine Citizen classes & tests.

If you have other pets, try to do one on one training by putting the other
pets inside the house or kennel while you work with your new puppy.  Your
puppy needs one on one time too.  Some people don't think about how
another pet can affect the individual pack member.  If your dog wont
retrieve, maybe it is because the other dog he is with is faster or
aggressive about the ball.  Training without the other dog around can be

Remember to always end training on a positive note.
OFA | normal       10-08 CERF | Clear
(liver & white)
Having a leash on in the house while people are available to watch the pup closely can
be beneficial for quickly stopping behaviors such as jumping up on counters.

Use the dogs name and only the word 'No' when correcting any wrong behavior.  With
consistency, the word 'No' will stop your pup in his tracks.

These are just a few things we have tried and have provided good results for us.  I am
not a trainer.  The tips are based only on my experience.  There are other ways to train
and to each their own.  Above all, it's important to put the time into training now rather
than the time into correcting problems later.  Good Luck and have fun!

To the right is Shelby, a 2 year old adult German Shorthair pointer that was an owner
surrendered dog that we rescued from the county shelter, put some training on her and
re-homed her.  She learned to ring the bell to let us know she needed or wanted to go
outside.  You can teach an old dog new tricks!
Crate Training [.pdf file]
To see a YouTube video of 10 week old Zoe ringing the bell to go outside, Click Here