We are located in the East SF Bay Area, approximately one hour South West of Sacramento & 50 minutes East of SF.
Sorry, We do not ship our puppies.

OFA | normal       10-11 CERF | Clear
(liver & white)
Please Note: Although a couple of our females are from impressive champion bench lines, we do not intentionally
breed 'bench bred' or 'for show' springers. We do love the traditional look but our English Springer Spaniels are field
bred for natural instincts and hunting ability as well as for family compatible temperament.  Our adult female springers
range from approximately 40-50 lbs.  Our males are approximately 49-65 lbs.  Our springers go everywhere with us
when they can and they absolutely love car rides!  Field bred springers are extremely intelligent dogs and are easily
trained if you are consistent with them and put the time into them daily. As little as 15 minutes a day of formal training
time will yield a great family companion.  
This breed is not a back yard loner.  While not everyone will hunt their
springers, you need to understand that these are very social dogs and will require human companionship. They do not
do well left in a backyard by themselves.  Their temperament, great personalities and intelligence make them an
excellent house pet with proper training.  They are extremely athletic, love the outdoors and water too!

There is a plethora of internet information on the English Springer Spaniel that we wont attempt to duplicate here.  If
you are not a past springer owner, please fully research the need and care required by springers and the health issues
to be aware of like ear infections, genetic eye diseases etc. Our breeders are DNA tested for their PRA status to avoid
producing puppies affected by  'springer blindness'.  Finally, please take the time to take an honest,  personal inventory
of your own family motives, your availability and level of commitment to this breed.  They are meant to take a significant
role and position in your family.  They are not accessory items that can be given away when they no longer fit your
decor.  Please visit the above links to learn more about our springers, training tips or to be placed on our inquiry list for
our next litter at California Springer.  Visit our
past litter page to see what our puppy buyers say about their dogs.
On her way
to earning
her Jr. Hunter
Title! Go
OUR PUPS have a 'forever home' guarantee should you lose your job, house or spouse or just find yourself in the
position of needing a new home for your pup/dog. Our pups are always welcomed back to be re-homed or to live with
us.  We are also active in taking in fosters, (evaluating them, putting some training on them if needed) and the rescue
of other springers in need of a new family so if you are seeking an adult dog, please let us know.  We will place you on
our list for an adult. In addition our pups come with an extensive package including vaccine(s), ear cleanse & miticide,
their first Frontline Plus flea and tick application, AKC limited registration papers, Vet check + a complimentary vet
check at Banfield's, training materials, baby blanket with Mom's scent, food, toy, training treats from Natural Balance
and food samples/coupons.  Our pups undergo socializing and
superdog stimulation from the beginning!  Tails are
docked to approximately 3-3.5" and dewclaws are removed.
All of our litters are sponsored by
and go home with
Natural Balance Pet Foods!
Our pups receive Bio-Sensor Stimulation.  Read More
Maggie, a liver & white female, is our top dog. We brought her home at 8 weeks of age and she's been everyone's best
friend since.  She has undergone professional training at Flyway Kennels to flush pheasant in the field and retrieve
ducks and geese from a boat.  She is the best hunting companion anyone could ask for - a natural in the field. She
loves water so much that a cold, 4:30 a.m. morning in the California Delta wont keep her in the boat.  
Around here the saying goes...
"You might have shot 'em, but get it right boys, - those are her birds!"
Maggie is OFA Normal CERF clear.
Maggie is dam to both Rudy and Sophie.
We stumbled upon this breed when we were searching for a dog that could both hunt in the field and retrieve in the
water.  But, this dog also had to be a house companion and lap dog in the off season.
The lab was too big to mix well with our small children and the high strung nature of the german shorthair pointer did
not work either. There is no off-season for a GSP!  That is when we found the English Springer Spaniel!
Welcome!  You've found California Springer!  
We are a hunting family with a great love for our field companions.  These fur babies are our treasured family
members who live with us here on a few acres in the East San Francisco Bay Area.