We are located in the East SF Bay Area, approximately one hour South West of Sacramento & 50 minutes East of SF.
Sorry, We do not ship our puppies.

(liver & white)

Attached are a few pictures of Ace aka
Atticus.  We are really enjoying him.  
Our other dogs may disagree.  They
are still trying to adjust to him.  He
went to the vet this weekend and  is
now weighing 15.9 lbs.  He received a
clean bill of health.                                 
Ann and John
maggie x 'cash'
Tess aka Abbie
maggie x cash
Had to send a picture of Abbie and
her duck,...yes stuffing and squeaker
intact.  If she cant get it to squeak,
while holding the duck in her mouth
she hits the ground with the duck to
get it to squeak....So funny....She
loves her toy......
(Tess aka Abbie)
Hi Guys,

Greetings!! We wanted to give
you an update on how our puppy
was doing. Beau (formerly Spot)
has been a joy to our
household.....he is such a ham. I
don't know where to begin, at
first I didn't know what we had
gotten ourselves into. He is Reba
and I's first dog together and as
much as we thought we had
prepared for his arrival, he was
quite a handful the first couple of
days. As of now he is amazing; I
grew up with springers and I
have never been so amazed with
the breed as I am with this
guy......he is soooooo intelligent.
He has already mastered 5
different commands: sit, come,
fetch, lay down, and shake. I will
record some video of his
performances and send them
your way soon, I feel the
possibilities are endless with this
guy. It only took him 2 hours to
learn to lay down and he
continues to repeat it on a single
command, I can't get my parent
german short hair to lay down for
a second. He aims to please,
eager to learn and he is only 11
1/2 weeks I am very happy!
daddy's little post hole digger.
Welcome to our past puppies update page!  
We love to see pictures and keep in touch with our pups and their families! As a breeder it helps us to know of
issues that may arise in a line or help you with training issues if you can keep in touch with us.    

If you would like to send us an update, please email them in Hi Res .jpg format by clicking on
Contact Us.  

YouTube video of 10 week old Zoe ringing the bell to go outside

Hi Debbie,
He's been great and getting used to the new home and new friends.  We love him!  
Shamus is doing GREAT!

He is such a good puppy
with a very friendly
disposition! He is best buds
with our other dog "Button"
who is a tiny little thing. It is
hilarious to watch them
together. Shamus is now
weighing in at 18 pounds
and has mastered the
command "sit" and "shake".
We are still working on
housebreaking though!!!! :)
Thanks again Debbie for

We LOVE him!!!!
Chris and Erin

Update 12/09
Shamus is doing GREAT! He
is such a BIG, but good boy.
It is an added bonus that we
live near Beau and his
owners. We are able to get
the dogs together so they
can release some of their
energy! :) You'll notice in one
of the pictures Beau and
Shamus celebrating their 1st
birthday!  (below )One of the
shots is of Shamus and
Beau on December 3rd, their
1st birthday. :)  The other
picture is of Shamus and our
other dog Button.  As you
can see, they are best
friends.  Do you have any
upcoming litters?
My mom is interested!
Shamus (maggie x cash                                    Shamus & Button (Button is his mini dog friend-not a toy!)
Hi Debbie,

Just wanted to let you know that
everything checked out negative with
fecal testing.  He is doing great!

update: Here is Winston on his 1st Birthday. I don't know
how big the dogs from his litter got but Winston is now 75
lbs. No, he is not over weight. My Vet says that Winston is
the biggest Springer he has ever seen. Yes, Winston is 75
lbs. of pure love!   (he gets it from his daddy, Rudy....pure
muscle....Rudy is 67 lbs if pure love ;)
Hi Debbie,
Thought that you'd like to
know that Beau (now Rocky)
has been with us for two
weeks and we couldn't be
happier with him. he is very
smart and while energetic, has
been easy to train so far. He
also seems happy with the
arrangement. We have
attached a couple of pictures.
Best regards,
Mike and Georgia
Emma has been so much fun! She
has adapted very well to her new
home. She loves her ball and toy
duck... plays with them all the time.

It's amazing that she answers to us
as we've struggled to settle on a
name. She started out as Emma, then
went to Bella. Our daughter started
calling her Bella Boo and so now we
have shortened it to Boo.
Rocky aka Beau  Maggie x Cash
Handsome Rocky
Emma aka Bella Boo aka Boo
Zeba (aka Sugar)
is so smart ...after only one
week she now uses the
doggie door and the bell to
go potty . Her name means
"Beautiful" and she truly is !
She sits on command and
stays for a second's only
been a week = )    We are
truly blessed to have this
remarkable puppy and will
send more pics soon .   
Thank you !  
Here are a couple of pictures of our last RV trip to Bodega Bay.
Abbie is currently enrolled in a puppy class with an AKC approved evaluator thru
Petsmart. She sits, stays, lays down, fetches and shakes her paw on command for the
most part(especially when treats are involved) Our grand-daughter loves to work
with her.

Dave and Tammi
MIA ~ at her new home! ~>

Have had her just over a week.
She already knows how to ring
the bell to go out!
I can't believe how smart she
is.                            Seth
(hosted litter)
BEAU aka Spot
maggie x cash
Dave & Tammi
Here is Abbie on her first
birthday RV trip on the delta,
also sending her Halloween
picture. She says I'm not
getting in the water, I shoot
them you get 'em.

She is a very good dog and
great with the Grandkids.

She likes to go out in the back
yard when it's
raining.....Sometimes she is
tooooo smart for her own
ABBIE is our
Sophie's sister
Doing Better!
We Love Him!
Beau & Shamus live close to each
other and have play dates............
Lucky dogs!
Beau and Shamus
Bentley broke a leg while in training :-(
DAISEY (Rudy x Bailey)

Daisey is doing great and is getting very big.
She shakes hands, sits and goes down on command. We go
to the dog park on occasion and we take walks too. We just
built a chain link fence so she loves to roam the back yard
now. She is my little post hole digger as she gets a scent and
digs her heart out. She loves sticks and her football and her
frisbee. She loves all the people she has met so far. And she
loves to sleep the night away with us. We love her to pieces.
This is her Xmas pic, hope you enjoy her. We do.
Beau and Shamus 1 year birthday

Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to send you a few
pictures of Lily.  She is doing great!  
So smart and sweet.   We are still
working on our leash training and
take daily walks.   Her improvement
has been remarkable.   We also
have a regular “puppy group” that
we meet up with several times a
week so she can run and play with
the other pups.  They get a bit rough
sometimes but I swear she is
smiling the whole time!  She just
loves to play keep-away from the
other dogs with the ball or Frisbee
or whatever toys are available at the
I have thoroughly enjoyed her!
Best regards,

<~~ SPOILED?.....NAH!
Well, maybe just a little bit :~)
Message from Matt:

Hey guys we wanted to give you an
update on Beau (AKA Spot) Today
he won first place in his heat at the
Dock Dogs competition at Cal Expo
with a jump of 16'-0" measured from
the end of the dock to the base of
his tail!!!

He is crazy for water!!

- Matt & Reba
Hey Debbie!
Its been a long and busy year!
Having three dogs, one being a
puppy, is a lot of work. I wanted to
send pictures and updates of Wyatt
sooner but finding time has been
Wyatt fit right in with the family. The
other two dogs loved him almost
right away. We started working with
Wyatt to get him ready for hunting
season. Our first day out he found
a bird and retrieved it!!! Second day
out he was all business, he
finished the day with 3! We are very
proud parents!!! I attached some
pictures of Wyatt for you. I will send
more soon. Thank you so much, he
has been a blessing to have! I
hope everything is good on your
end, and I hope to hear back from
Taylor and Frank
Some more great photos of Zeba!  Thanks Sandi!
Zuma is doing very good. She got 2
qualifying scores in junior hunter hunt
test. She just needs two more for a title
and then we will start working on her
senior hunter title!!!!

Way to go ZUMA!   Glad to see that our
springer's talents are being put to the
test!  Can't wait to see more!
Thanks Kat!
Maggie Mae aka Monkey Moo loves the water, as well
as trying to beat her big sister in retrieving balls. In
her spare time, she likes to toss socks up in the air,
point out wildlife in the yard, and run like the wind.
ZUMA  (Bailey x Rudy)
Bentley is such a sweet boy and we love him so much! Bentley is now 70 lbs. and I see his brother Winston is a
big boy too! Our Vet. tells us Bentley is the biggest Springer she's ever seen too!
We love our puppy Bix (formerly Rex) from the litter of Storm and Rudy. We got him at 9 weeks and he is now 4
months old, and such a love. He loves people, especially little kids, and has the sweetest disposition. He has the
cutest face with a beautiful white stripe which ends in a heart. We've gotten to know so many neighbors because
of Bix! He is doing well on potty training (no accidents since 3 months), and because we put him into puppy
socialization classes and obedience as soon as we got him, he adores other dogs and people, and knows sit,
stay, down, and paw. We're working on his recall and on heel. He loves to go to the beach and loves playing with
other dogs. We will teach him how to swim in the next few months. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful dog
with a lovely temperament!
BIX (Storm x Rudy)  This is our city boy Bix.  He lives in San Francisco by the beach..... He's one lucky dog!!!
Hi Debbie - here are a few more pictures of Riggins.  He's doing really well.  Great temperment, loves to go on
walks, is fantastic  around people, and such a great addition to our family.  Although, we  don't want to get such a
smart dog next time :)  We HAD straight door  handles around our whole house.  After watching us open and close
the  doors, he figured out how to open all by himself.  Now we have new
round door handles that he hasn't figured out.....yet.... :)
RIGGINS (Storm x Rudy)
California's Driving Miss Daisey
(Rudy x Bailey) is one year old on
Tuesday.  Here are some recent pics
of our girl at home. Her favorite things
to do are now "lets get wet",  "lets
play" and "lets walk". She is doing fine
and enjoys being part of our family.  
Enjoy, Evelyn
Here is our guy Bentley (bailey x rudy) with his new little sister Tilly.....I hope he doesn't mistake her
for a squeeky toy! lol
BAILEY X RUDY   ~~~~~~~~>

Meet Cedar aka Cody, Isn't he just
beautiful?!  His parents are looking to
add another Ca Springer member to
their family.  They will be one of just 5
families that have more than one Ca
Springer in their home :)
(Rudy x Storm)
Hi Debbie,
Here are some recent pics of
Maci. She is doing great. She
loves all dogs especially her
sister Kloe. She is great with
people and loves to cuddle.
She is getting ready for
hunting season, she has been
out to the field twice. Her first
official hunt will be this
weekend. She has tons of
energy and personality. We
love her and she is a great
addition to our family.
(and gorgeous if I don't say so
myself ~ Debbie)
STORM X MOOSE   (pic above)
Meet Zoe aka Sadie....... She obviously has
settled right in.  Her new buddy may not be so
sure yet!  
From Tom:
Zoe is both a jewel and a joy. We got 5
hours of solid sleep out of her last night.
She has been in my office with me
yesterday and today and is doing great. I
run her around a bit in the morning, put her
in her pen under my desk and she sleeps
through the morning.   We are catching her
cycles pretty well and have had only a
couple of accidents so far. Here are a few
pics to show you how she is doing with our
other dog.

I took her to the vet today and she was
impressed with your thorough and
conscientious care for your puppies.
Good Job!  Thanks again.  Tom
(I think Gemma is a Rudy x Storm pup)
Hi Debbie! Attached in the email is a picture of Gemma and I (far right) at our second Rick Smith seminar! We attended his
seminar last week and were invited back this weekend as a guest. Even though she is only six months old, typically this seminar
is for older dogs, she is picking up everything very quickly! She's been in birds at both seminars. She was a bit hesitant at first but
she was let off lead today and allowed to chase birds and loved it! I have a feeling she's going to make a fantastic bird dog. I
couldn't figure out your picture section on your webpage but would love it if you would post it. Thanks again for a great dog!  - John

Gemma and I at our second bird dog seminar given by Rick Smith in two weeks. She is turning into quite the hunter. forgive the
quality of photo because they were taken via camera phone. Polly and my children and I dont know what we would do without her!
Shes everything we could have ever asked for in a Springer and then some! -John

Zeba can be found further
down the page as a puppy and
a she's a big
sister to Lela!

Aren't they a gorgeous pair!?

"Love, love, love my precious
pups ! Lela is very different
from her sissy. She is very
frisky, sassy, spunky,
absolutely fearless  & very
much a Mommy's girl :) !  
- Sandi  
Bailey x Rudy
(Storm x Moose)
Cody (above & left) is the best
puppy I have ever owned! He is SO
easy to train and is wonderful with
the kids. He quickly became a part
of the family and we cannot imagine
life without him!! He loves playing in
the creek and chasing the ducks
and sliding at the park with the kids.
We have even talked about getting
another puppy from your next litters!!
Hi Debbie -
wanted to give you an
update on Riggins and
make sure you had our
new email address.  
Riggins is doing
growling has stopped
and we've not seen
anything aggressive at
all.  Thanks so much
for all of your great
advice.  Once he knew
who was in charge, all
of the other stuff went
away. (Pack Mentality
Training!) He makes us
laugh constantly.  The
kiddos LOVE their dog
so much.  Kennedy
dresses him up
sometimes (see
attached) and Ryan
just shakes his
head.....where did his
hunting dot go?? :) He
loves going on
roller-blade rides with
Lucas.  Right now, he's
outside playing with the
kiddos in the pool and
hot tub.  We can't
believe he's about to
be a year old and he's
grown sooooo much!!  
Are you planning any
kind of reunion for the
litter that live close by?
(Hope he can live down
the loss of dignity!)
Hi Debbie,
If you were here right now I
would hug you. Thanks for what
you have done for me. Zoe is
the most fabulous dog in the
world. I have been able to think
back to all of the dogs I have
had, Zoe is the 11th, and Zoe
brings more joy and pleasure
to me than any other. She goes
to work with me every day and
we are together almost through
the day and night. Other than
the fact that she still pees all
over the house when she gets
excited she is a perfect dog.
She is so affectionate, happy
exuberant and at the same
time calm. She is ever ready to
snuggle and equally ready to
run and play. Other than when
she is playing with Moxie, she
makes no noise. She has slept
through the night since the 3rd
night home and stays in her
kennel quiet until you come to
let her out  un the morning.
Then she goes berserk with
affection and pees on the floor.

I dropped by the vet to weigh
her today; she’s at 29.4lbs.
She was 10 when I got her.
She is the center of attention
wherever we go. I am besieged
by happy people who want to
see her. If I were'nt married I
could have a date with a
different good looking babe
every night as long as I brought
Zoe along.  Attached is a
picture of her with Moxie and
one of her with her favorite
creatures. Tell your daughter
that Zoe loves the thing
(hedgehog in pic) and thanks
her for it. The other pictures are
on the hill where we hike every

She is merciless in her
harassment of Moxie. Moxie is
totally patient with her and lets
her get away with murder. She
drags on Moxie’s big feathered
tail to the point of pulling fur out.
Yet Moxie does nothing. We
even jokingly cheer for Moxie to
bite Zoe and teach her a
lesson, but she doesn’t. While
she does nothing to defend
herself when in the house,
when they are out in grass
Moxie chases her and seems
to enjoy the revenge of running
over her and tumbling her into
the ground. I hope they both
survive.                         Tom O.
*Peeing strategies -
Google: Submissive Urination
Ryder is doing great! He was the cutest, sweetest little puppy when we brought him home. His instincts kicked
in almost instantly and he has been retrieving ever since! He has grown into a big boy, but still loves snuggling
with Mom :) He has tons of energy and loves a nice, long run. We couldn't have hoped for a better addition to
our family! He's perfect!
       Lindsay & Mike
RYDER (formerly Zito)
Bailey x Rudy
Wow, I see sooo much Bailey in him!
Zoe & Moxie
(Storm x Moose)
(Storm x Moose)

I wanted to take a moment to catch you up on Pepper.  She is turning out to be an extraordinary and wonderful member of our family.  She is absolutely beautiful and
everywhere we take her people stop us to ooo and ahh over her.  Just as importunately she is sweet, smart and easy to train.  

Tony takes her to an area behind a big ocean-view hotel where there is a rarely used lawn about the size of 1 ½ football fields.  He lets her off leash and throws a tennis ball
pretty impressive distances.  She charges after it (she loves to run at full speed up and down the small mound at one end…hopping over the tufty grass planted there… and
it is even better from her view if the rainbird sprinklers are going) and retrieves the ball, bringing it right back to his side and dropping it.  Passersby always remark on what a
wonderful job Tony has done training her, but honestly she seemed to retrieve naturally and required little training.  He also takes her down to the beach where she loves to
run off leash (he has to go early in the morning or near sunset or the lifeguards would ticket him for having her off leash).  She runs and jumps over the low shore break and
tumbles in the wet sand.  This is always followed by a backyard bath when we get home.

She seems to be completely house trained at this point (no accidents in about a week)…knock on wood.  She also views her crate as the place to go without a fuss at bed
time…but only goes in during the day when something frightens her…like the vacuum cleaner or the sound of the trash trucks.

We take her with us a lot and she travels well in the car, and behaves well in dog friendly hotels and restaurants.  She likes to sit up on a chair in restaurant patios and watch
everyone, and is well –behaved and does not try to get on the table or at our food.

Since we returned she seems a bit blue.  At our son’s house she had a ball playing with the kids and their dog, and I think she is a bit bored to be home with just us two
fogeys.  I actually went on your website to see if you had any puppies.

Hope all is well with you and all your dogs and cow.  Barbara  
Below is a testimonial from
Barbara who took the other
black and white girl of the same
litter to Zoe.  They were the only
2 b/w girls and I am happy to see
that they are both so in love with
their choices :-)

Sorry No pics from Barbara as of

Mac (Magic) says: I swear, I did NOT make that puddle on the floor. (attached photo)
Hi Debbie & Brian,
Thank you! Mac is wonderful, and he is adapting to his new family beautifully.
Fred, Pauline & Andrew
MAC (magic)
Sophie x Moose
JETT ~Sophie x Moose

Jet is turning out to be a
great addition to the family.
We couldn't have asked for a
better pup.

Training is going good and I
cant wait for bird season.
I'll be sending more pics in
the future
Thanks again,

'Jett looks like he's got a couple
great buddies for life right there!'
'Cody ~ Storm x Moose Pup'
Debbie: Thank you so much.  I am getting a ton of heat from a
breeder friend for getting him neutered tomorrow.  She insists I
wait until a year.  He will be 5 mo 3 weeks, and I feel that he is old

She is worried about the loss of muscle and bone development,
stunting his growth and the effects of the lack of testosterone in the
developing system.  She breeds show dogs and I know that world
of people tend to have a different outlook than many non-show
people.  I am glad to hear your opinion as his breeder and field
hunter.  Obviously you would not recommend anything that would
inhibit their hunting abilities.  My vet is OK with the 6 month range,
and I trust him also.  Cody is definitely an indoor dog and I did not
even think about marking in the house.  

By the way you breed the BEST temperaments into the pups!!!  
Cody (Duke) is the best dog I have ever owned and I am a
Springer owner for life!!!

I have him scheduled to take training classes, but he has already
mastered everything I have taught him.  I am combining voice,
hand, and whistle commands.  Even my 3 and 4 year old can give
him commands and he listens to them!  That is more than I can
say for the kids.  We are using the wings you gave us often and he
is responding well.  I can’t wait to see him out in the field!!  Thank
you again for the BEST DOG EVER!!!

When he takes car trips with us he always falls asleep in the
center console between the front seats.  Good thing it is an
Freckles bailey x rudy
Hi Debbie~  I thought I would update you a
bit on Frecks. First he is so sweet I just
love him. I think he is adapting well. I know
he's ready for a nap when he howls with a
few cries in between. :) he defiantly fights
napping just like a child. But once he sits
still for a few seconds he's out! He is
actually really good about going potty, he'll
only go on the potty pad. He won't go #2
inside so we take very early morning walks
outside he does his business and we go
back inside. The funniest thing (I think) so
far is shadows ... He wants to get 'em!! He
growls and squats down then pounces on
them then realizes there's nothing really
there. We have a few dogs in the
neighborhood and when he hears them
bark he runs back to me. I think he's going
to be a momma's boy!!  Thanks~Holly
Debbie,  Hunter aka Romo is doing great. He loves going to PetSmart because he knows he's gunna get treats!!!
He listens good and was so easy to train. He gives the best hugs :). He got his first haircut yesterday and the
groomer said he was amazing with the other dogs and how he listens good.  Hunter also came home with a bag of
treats and less hair. Also loves to sleep in my bed but knows hes not staying for long & hes ready to hit the lake
with his new life jacket. He is getting to be such a Big Boy now almost a year old.
Hunter  (Rudy x Bailey)
All ready for summer!
Bentely (Bailey x Rudy)

Bentley, Teca, & Tilly
are waiting for Fall so
they all can all keep
warm by the fireplace.
They all get along so
Little Miss Tilly, our
Himalayan, loves to
sleep with both dogs.
But Bentley sleeps with
us at night.
He's so spoiled!
Sometimes he's in bed
before we are.

We love Bentley so
much and he's been
such a great dog!!!!
BARKLEY (Sophie x Moose)
Barkley (Sophie Moose)
Storm x Rudy
Storm x Rudy
DAISEY (Bailey x Rudy)
Daisey is 21 inches at the withers.  She weighed 59.1 at her last visit to the vet.  She is a big beautiful
girl.  This summer we have taken her to Hidden Valley Lake to the special dog park where she can swim.  
She had to get used to the water but can swim fine now.  In the early mornings she likes to go outside
with me and roam around the yard while I drink my coffee.  Then in the evenings she likes my husband
and I to go out in the back again and play with her.  She is definitely a creature of habit.  We love her.  
Thanks again for such a great companion.  Evelyn
(Bailey x Rudy i think? )   
Oops this came in a looong time ago but I
must have missed it. Cleaning out my
email I found this update on Meadow,
sorry.  :(

I just wanted to let you know
Meadow is doing beautifully.
We are in love, and we are
enjoying every moment of our
first week with her. She is really
doing so well, almost sleeping
through the night, doing great
with crate and bell training, and
already gets "sit" and "down".
What a clever girl she is!
Thank you for our beautiful,
perfect girl!!!
Love, Heather and family
Bailey x rudy

More pics of Daisy
The three Wesley Boys are doing well. They were trying on their Halloween costumes.
Bailey with the Ghost, Shiloh in Mummy shirt and A.J. in Jack-o-lantern orange.
They love playing together, going for walks and playing ball out back.  
The boys are trying their halloween costumes on :-)
Sadie Rose  (Sophie x Moose)

Well it’s been almost a year and
wanted you to know how happy
Karen and I are with the pup we
bought from you.  I have attached
a few pictures of her on her first
duck hunt.   Besides being a nice
little hunter, she  loves hiking and
swimming at Folsom Lake.  Her
favorite activity is leaping off logs
and rocks to fetch whatever is
thrown for her.  Overall, she is a
real sweetheart.

If I can ever be a reference for you
please let me know.      
Just a little peek at what Jet has been up to. We have a long hunting season ahead and Ill be sending more pics. I couldn't
be happier with his retrieving  and everything about him, he is an awesome dog! We walked through some pretty harry
brush yesterday and no seeds in the eyes yet, but I do take everything I need to to take care of him, he's a happy pooch.
Hi Debbie

Dillon (Blue) is doing just great.

He had his Vet check up and
shots last Monday and a clean bill
of health.

As you can see from the pictures,
our almost 10 year old Sierra has
adopted him.
Dillon is house trained already
(9.5 weeks old!), he uses the
doggy door.
He is also very independent.
If no one wants to play with him
he just keeps himself entertained.
He loves to play outside. We
have 2 1/2 acres all chain link
fenced, he can run around out
there all he wants.
We are the family that bought
Cheeks (we call her Jagaer -
Jags for short).

She is a fantastic dog and
doing really well. I will send
you a photo. I have a friend
that is looking for a Springer
for her family.
Are there any puppies
Dear Debbie
Coal has been adjusting nicely. He is really well behaved. Sweet. Only a few accidents. Very very very smart.
I’m amazed how smart he is. We couldn’t have chosen better!
He has been renamed “shadow” by our sons who liked that name better I guess.  
Hi Debbie
As you can read, her name has morphed in one night from Chloe to Cleo.  My fault really as my brain kept thinking
'Chloe' as my mouth was saying 'Cleo'.   Must be something subconscious from her to me.
We've all accepted it now as her permanent name especially after learning it is Greek for 'praise'  and 'acclaim' which
she is getting a lot of!  She woke us up only twice last night  - once at 2 am and then at 6:30 am.   We kept her in her
crate in the family room and she did cry for 10 - 15 min at 6:30 when I went back to bed, so I'm thinking of keeping her
in a crate in our bedroom only at night and only until she can go thru the night.  But only (lots of onlys) if it does not
create the same crying problem when she does stay in the family room all night.  So I'm a bit conflicted on this issue
as I don't want to create a future problem.    We went to the Vet this morning just to introduce her to them.  She will
get the next puppy shots next week.  
The Vet said she looks great except for a slight vaginal discharge which he hopes will go away by itself.  (not
surprising since they are  on sand in the puppy playpen...the girls 'sit' to potty and get sand in there - should clear up
fine)  Everyone in the practice is in love with her - she just stood there and let them take her temp, look in her mouth
and ears and maul her in general and she didn't move a hair.  Of course our grandchildren had mauled her a bit the
night before holding her on their laps and she seemed to like it.  She seems to understand the purpose of the bell on
the door and nosed it the first time we went out.  It may have been just the novelty of it but we prefer to believe she
really is the most intelligent and perfect dog for our family. We couldn't be more pleased. Will send more pics as she
grows an learns.
Pinta is my companion. We take a 3 mile walk each day, where she takes her daily bath. She loves the kids
next door, and is the queen of our 6 acres. She is very spoiled, kind of a brat, but is very pretty so that
makes up for a lot! All in all she is just my big baby!!  -Leslie
Looks like you are in Pinta's seat there Leslie!
Hi Debbie - I have been meaning for some time to e-mail you and let you know how happy we are with Bodie
(out of Moose and Dakota. Bodie was  known formally I think as Little Bear). He is just a great dog for both
home and field and we could not be more pleased. Bodie went on his first pheasant hunt about two weeks
ago and was able to find and retrieve birds (see picture). Last week’s hunting he found and retrieved 6 birds
in about 1.5 hours. He works to whistle and no electronic collar is needed.  I have to say that although I
worked with him he had no formal training and I attribute his success to breeding and instinct. Thanks so
much for working with us. We are considering another pup in a year or two when we retire.
Hi Debbie,

I've attached some photos of Riley
from Thanksgiving weekend and a few
I took last night.  The little guy is
growing like a weed!  We started bell
training and he seems to have really
caught on, at least when it's time to do
#2.  #1, well that's work in progress.  :)

Riley a.k.a. Shadow had an umbilical
hernia that was growing so we had it
repaired by our vet (twice) at 5 & 6 wks
old-looks like it's held up nicely.  Most
umbilical hernias can wait until spaying
or neutering but if they grow they are
fixed immediately.  Momma had 3 pups
before we got to her and was a little
too aggressive with those umbilical
chords.  :-(  it happens )-:
Hi Debbie,

You asked for a picture of Zoe; here are a few of her
1st successful hunt.   She did great!
I think she has stopped growing and has been 42lbs
for the last two months. She is a perfect size, a
beautiful dog and the sweetest little friend imaginable.
Thank you for her.
Abby at her new home aka Tess
Previous Litters
Ace aka Atticus
We <3 Mallards!
Here's our Rudy as a puppy
35 lbs.  17 ins. At shoulder. We get compliments
every where we go!!  He is the Best!
Murphy - Sophie x Moose
Coal - Sophie x Moose
Coal helps with homework :0)
Macy - SoMoo

1st Pick of litter from Sophie & Moose
Shalom From Tevi!
I love this picture so much I had to make
it really big!!  

Tevi is Rudy's big brother and boy can
we see the family resemblance ;)
Tevi's family says;
Grandma sneaks him bits of all of her
three meals when no one is looking . . . .
he loves Grandma! (well no wonder!)

I am now hooked on Springers, though
he is a bit large for me at 5'2" and 115
lbs.  I would like a smaller, bench
Springer, and a female.  I am keeping my
eyes open for a breed rescue, about 4-5
or a senior right now, but once we retire,
my husband says we should come back
to you and get a new puppy!  
Hi Debbie,
Here's Chase and Chloe at 11
months. They are offspring of
Moose and Sophie. All is well,
they are great dogs.
Have a great week.      Matt
Chase was our little guy that
got Coccidia when he was a
baby and had to have IV fluids
for a few days! Nice to see he
is a healthy beautiful boy! He
and Chloe are brother sister
from Sophie x Moose
Roxi is now 11 months old and is 46lbs so i guess not so tiny anymore. She did a great job at puppy school
and had fun with her daddy at the same time. I think he learned more than she did. She has been a great
Roxi  - Sophie x Moose
aka Tiny (she was the runt
of the litter)
addition to our family and
enjoys playing with the cat and
going to the shop with her
daddy. She loves to go for rides
and insists on sitting in the
passenger seat either alone or
on someones lap. She also
loves to swim. She has learned
many tricks which include the
normal sit, stay, down but her
new favorite it to sit pretty. She
is a real cuttle bug and sleeps
with her mommy and daddy at
night. She hopes to start
hunting soon. She is the best
thing to see when you come
home from a long day at work.
When she gives u hugs it
makes everything better.
Hi Debbie, Here is MAC...renamed
Jaxon. He has been such a joy. We
absolutely Love him! He has taken
very well to his big brother Duke, and
his cousins Brody and Maggie. We had
a very busy holiday season this year.
Just about 2 weeks after getting Jaxon
we Moved into our brand new home,
and he is adjusting well. He loves
running around in the back yard, as
well as the house. We have recently let
him roam free in the front yard with no
leash, and he stays in the front yard
with no problem. And when he is tired
he has no problem with jumping up on
the couch for a nap. He loves to
cuddle. He potty trained very easily, a
few minor accidents but nothing major.
He love car rides, he usually falls
asleep immediately. He is beginning to
be a very big boy! At his 4 month
check up and last shot he weighed in
at 37 lbs! We absolutely love him and
are so thankful we found you guys.
Thank you for everything. We will send
updates and pictures again soon!
Hope all is well -Ashley and Jeff
Bentley  (Bailey x Rudy)

Bentely and Tilly our Himalayan
waiting for leftovers. Bentley
showed Tilly if you're in the
kitchen you'll get food! Bentley
has such a great personality! He
loves to sleep with us every
night and is in bed sometimes
before we go to bed. You can
see Tilly with him too. Bentley
with his new haircut.  He's so
handsome.  We Love Him! -

Bentley, aside from Rudy's size,
is the spitten image of his
Momma, Bailey.  I would get
them confused if they were in
the same room together!  
Gorgeous and smart - a classic
My husband and I adopted
Maddie from Sophie and
Moose. She is doing very
well. I have attached some
photos. She went last week to
quail point hunting club for
some training and she just
had a ball, with the birds. She
took to the potty bells very

I am starting a Scrapbook of
Maddie and I would love a
good photo of Sophie and
Moose, and maybe if you
have a pick of her brothers
and sisters.  -Laura
ZOE (Storm x Moose)
Hi Debbie,

I hope all is well with you,
families and doggies. Here are
a few pictures of Zoe to show
you how she turned out as an
almost adult.

I think she is spectacular.

We think she's pretty
spectacular too, Tom!  
Kudos to the photographer-
really captured the beauty of
Zoe.  She's obviously WELL
taken care of!  Thanks Tom!
Desi-Rae  Dakota x Moose

Hi Debbie,

We wanted to send you a picture of our dog
Desi-Rae (you guys named  her Cindy
Crawford) at the end of pheasant season, today.
She will be 3 in July and this is her second year

Rich and Micki

Wow Rich,  Desi-Rae is awsome! She's got this
rooster game down!  She looks very proud of
her birds....... or like Brian says, '"he's so proud
I shot 'em right out of the air".  
What a beauty!
I got the rare treat of being able to
shoot a mini photo session with
She is sister to Zoe and the Wesley
boys as well as Cody below.  I love
keeping touch with our pups, thank
you for helping keep our lines
strong by keeping up with us!   
Peppers momma sent us a write up
a while back (below) but these are
the first pics of Pepper.  
frequents pet friendly eateries but
insists on sitting on a big girl seat -
not the floor.  :-)  Tony has had the
same experience as  Zoe's Tom
(well they are sisters) in that he said
he could have a date every night of
the week - he gets so much
attention with Pepper.  Pepper does
love long runs on the beach,
admittedly has a ball fetish and
does not care for loud, obnoxious
noises i.e. garbage trucks!
She is absolutely stunning and very
loved!  Thanks Barbara & Tony!
"The girls are growing and enjoying their
walks. Daisy is water retrieving like a
pro, Lilly gets a bit distracted. They
know to ring the bell to go outside, sit,
roll over. The "here" command needs
some work. They have also learned how
to chew on drip irrigation."   -

That's funny Steve.  
Amazing the talents they can
Maddie is 1 as of the 29th of Sept. She had a big day.

We took her hunting in the morning and we didn't get
anything but she had so much fun.

She is a natural hunter.

She is very well behaved. She loves water and the snow.
She just loves everything and everyone.

We are very grateful that we had the chance to adopt her.

"Doesn't look like she's going to wait for someone to shoot
those birds before she claims them!"
Storm x Moose

Wesley brothers all dressed up for
halloween.  Below: proof there is a
bad dog in all of us! These 3 boys
are responsible for eating 3
remote controls in one week!  

Sophie x Moose
Riley completed his 1st water retrieve
tonight! For a dog who has been
terrified of ponds, retrieving a goose is a
huge accomplishment. We're so proud. :)
For only being a year old that's a huge
accomplishment.  Those are huge,
intimidating birds even for a seasoned
hunter!  I'd say he's on his way!  Good
Job Riley.
Hi Debbie,
I want to tell you how much we've enjoyed having Bentley as a part of our family. He is such a sweet,
loving dog who just wants to spend all his time around people.
He is still a playful puppy who like to go down our kids' slide, and to play "spin the spaniel" with me.  He's
also more concerned with comfort than his dignity, as we often get a laugh out of watching him chew a
bone while lying on his back.  Here are a few photos we'd like to share.  Thanks,  *Andy
Funny Story=)  we were out garage saling today-
picking up receiving blankets for our babies puppy

My hubby sees 2 gorgeous springers and as we drove
over I said   "those are my babies".....

Sandy was out walking Zeba (3 yrs liver) and Lila(2 yrs
black) both sisters from Bailey x Rudy.  Both are adults
so you can see those two throw big and average sized

Sandy forwarded a couple of Snow pictures-
would make great Christmas cards with a
photoshopped red hat on! lol
Riley                                     Sophie x Moose
Zach took him to a club hunt in the rice. He
listened extremely well and was determined to
retrieve the huge birds.  I take him running off
leash in the Diablo foothills at least once a
week (5-6 miles) and work on commands, etc.
He's a wonderful dog always eager to please!
This is Reagan.
I believe you called her Ginny. She is
a wonderful addition to our family.
She was the last available puppy of
her litter, but I'm positive she was the
pick of the litter.
Just wanted to share a
picture of the boy on his
first birthday, celebrating
at the beach. This pic is
taken right before he hit
the ocean! He is part fish
and all retriever. Thank
you for one awesome
dog!!! He is all I wanted
and more.
(yes, that's short for Fenway!)
Hi Debbie,

Here are a couple of pictures of Eisa (you had
named her Miss Cocoa).  The one in front of
the log is when she was 6 months, and the one
in the chair is from today, her first birthday!!  
She Is the best dog in the whole wide world!!
Norm & Diana
Penny x Moose Update   |    Abby
Just wanted to let you know we just
finished a photo shoot for Purina at
Chrissy Field in SF. There were four
dogs invited, and he was definitely the
star! They had him strapped to a Go Pro
swimming, chasing balls with giant leaps
into the bay, digging for buried balls in
the sand, and even took close ups of
that ever wagging tail! There were both
video and stills. It was so fun being paid
to do what he happily does every day! He
had a blast. A real natural.  His usual,
"What do you want me to do next?"

Have no idea where this will end up, but
the entire crew loved him. I will keep you
in the loop! Just one more example of
what an awesome dog he is. Tell Bailey
and Moose, they produced one special
pup!!!!!     Karen
Fenway 'Fen'  - Our STAR!   
Bailey x Moose
Click to see Fenway's Purina Dog Treats Commercial:
He has a big ENDing...
Buddy-His parents are Rudy and Bailey. What a wonderful
pup he is. Smart, funny, loyal, gentle, athletic, a great
camper & a Therapy/Care dog. I hope I don't over post
photos, but here's a few. He loves loves loves running on
the beach - right into the waves.
her has been VERY challenging, and we have
washed the rugs alot but as she matures we can
see how smart she is!  She is a smarty pants!  I
am going to take her to the Canine Good Citizen
as she is very good with seniors, small kids and
disabled people and I think over time she may be
able to earn a tag.  She is really beautiful and we
love her to pieces.
I hope all is well with you at California Springers!
Best regards this season.
(Sheba looks like a stuffed doll next to Tevi :)
As Tevi's 8th birthday approaches
on May 15 and Sheba's 1st birthday
approaches on June 16, we wanted
to share a few photos of them
together for your web page.  

Sheba is a great little dog.  She is
still small at 45 lbs next to Tevi's 75
lbs, and he has lost a few pounds
since she came.  After about a day
together, she was challenging him to
play and they have been playing
ever since.  She is not as bold a dog
as he is, she has some fears, but
she is fiercely affectionate and
wonderfully playful.   House training
storm x moose

<~Molly and Rosco
bros and sis being raised in
the same family just with
different parents, so they get
to see each other often :)

bailey x moose  
Fenway as a pup ~>

See Fen's PURINA
commercial below
SURPRISE!  We got a new puppy!!
Lexi, now renamed Roxy, was a welcomed surprise I'm sure.  I mean, look at that smile! :0)
Just wanted to say thank you very much for the
puppy. We have had a great first day. After our
daughter played hard with her all day she was a
very sleepy puppy. It's been a great experience
dealing with you and the whole process. We
changed Lexi's name to Roxy and she's making a
great addition to our family.
Again thank you so much.  Steve and Samantha  
(You guys are soooo welcome!!)
Summit (aka Mercy) MollyMoo Pup (Molly x Moose)
What an awesome pup! Already bonded w/ our 1 yo puppy & uses our doggy door to potty herself! I'm still in a
sleeping bag due to she is up & cries every few hours but feel optimistic that will be sleeping w/ other dog soon!  Laura
aka MAXwell

MollyMoo Litter
Here is an update. Leo is doing fantastic. Sunday night - he woke up at 3 AM.
Monday/Tuesday nights - blanket on crate and slept until we got him up at 6:30
AM. Wednesday thru Friday nights - no blanket on crate and slept until we got him
up at 6:30 AM. Saturday and Sunday nights - no wimpering or whining when
placed in crate.  Slept through both nights as well until 7:30 AM. (BTW: Previous
nights - the wimpering/whining was minimal. Settled down great.) Leo is a really
smart dog.
Hi Debbie,
This photo was taken 2 days after we brought
Maggie (Shelby) home. As you can see the
Cheshire Cat you picked out was clearly the
biggest hit!  She is doing great, loves the out of
doors,  and wonders why every place is not as
quiet as Bethel Island.  Thank you for adding such
a joy (except for 3am) to our lives.     Barb
ps. As I wrote this, she learned to take just one
tissue from the kleenex box : )  
Clearly - she's talented Barb!  lol too cute!
Reagan's (adult rescue) original family:  Thank you so
much!!!!!! I can't tell you how relieved I am that she
has a great new family.  You have been an absolute
angel and have made a tough time in my life so much
easier! Thank you for everything !
Reagan's new family:
So, we are really enjoying Reagan.  She seems to be
quite happy and adjusting well.  She's a real angel and
I really think she'll fit in wonderfully with our family. My
dad told my mom he loves her.  My parents say
Reagan is definitely a keeper.  She will be loved and
cared can tell her family not to worry for even
a minute.  Thank you!
Hi. My name is Cooper ('Duke')
I love my new home and family...and
they love me.
I even have my own little den (crate).
I love it and feel comfy and safe
I even slept all night until 4:30 this
morning. I even have a new furry
brother and sister. They don't quite
look like me and they stay away from
me...they'll come around, I'm too
cute for them not to.

{ well how lucky are you Debbie, to
get the little guy who would let you
sleep all night right off the bat!  
Lucky you and Lucky him  :)  }
COOPER  aka Duke
Lerdo x Penny
< Hi Debbie,                                            Leo (Moose x Molly)
Leo is doing outstanding. He is a great addition to our
family. Somewhere around four months he was finished
with house training. This worked well for us. No issues.
He's now in the 40+ lbs range. At six months he had him
neutered. He no longer uses a crate. Leo and Lucy (7-yr
old golden) play together, go on walks together. Yes, a
great addition to our family.  Attached is a picture of Alex
and Leo. The two have bonded so well.  Many thanks for all
that you did to make this possible.  Wishing you a lovely
Fall and duck season!!!  Regards, Ted
Summitt                        Molly x Moose

Balls  and  Water...............
Water and Balls.................

We're sensing a theme here!
Summitt is 6 months old in these pictures.  
She can no longer be a mommy but that
has not slowed her down. She LUVS
swimming and playing ball!  WE LUV HER!
Cleo has had an issue with sharing
and instigating things with her toys.  
(google resource-guarding for training
tips) She even had to have surgery to
remove a small ball she was attempting
to claiming as her own-after swallowing
it!  Geeze-0, Cleo!!
Cleo is heading for the Motherland!

Cleo is going to be moving with her
family to England.  Our first California
Springer who will be residing on the
other side of the Pond!  We wish you
well, Cleo and Dr. Rosemary.  We
know you will see many English
Springers dotting the countryside!  
All the best to you!  Can't wait for the
scenic update pics from England!!
Kuma - Bailey x Rudy 4 yrs old
He's a gorgeous BIG boy!!

Hi Debbie.

Thought you might
like a pic. Rufus
(Mollie x Moose) just
turned one year. You
can see he will not
be as big as Bodie
(65lbs). Bodie
(Moose X Dakota)
just turned four. We
love them both..
Hope all is well.
Above: Just wanted to send you a few pics of Geordi (aka Beau) and
let you know how much we love this boy. He's only been with us 5
weeks but we absolutely adore him. He's already learned several tricks
including the door bells to go out and behaves better than our other
older dog on the leash. He's perfect!! Thank you so much for giving us
the chance to find this little angel.  - Rebecca
Below: An update picture of Leo.  Wow he's gorgeous!  

Also, was visiting the vet to pick up Maggie's old lady pills and ran into
Lily who lives in Walnut Creek but travels to our great vet!  
Neither of us were prepared for a photo shoot as she was suffering
from an ear infection and I was still trying to get over this virus
everyone is dealing with but we couldn't resist a reunion photo.  
She is going to be 4 soon, I think, and lives with her sister Daisy.  :)
Hi Debbie,

I have attached a picture of Ollie(Gus) from the
Molly-Moo litter.
He is a great puppy, full of energy and very smart and
loves people. He is also a natural retriever as he just
loves to "go get" things and bring them back. I have a
quick question for you.
What is moose's healthy adult weight? Ollie is growing
fast and currently weighs 45 lbs. at 5.5 months. He is
still  lean and active so I was curious as I remember
Moose as a big boy!!  Our previous two Springer's
were about 45 lbs. when not overfed.
Ollie is as tall as they were now and longer so I am
guessing he will easily go 50 lbs. plus.  In addition to
his dad's size he has great dark black ticking on his
paws and freckles.

Thanks for the great pup.
* Moose's weight is just under 60 right now.
Hi Debbie

Just thought I would send you a picture
of our beautiful girl Piper (Sophie X
Lerdo). (  THIS IS A MARCO

This is from her 1st Birthday on June
We love her to pieces.  
She is living up to that name you guys
gave her when she was born. (Sassy)

She's about 37 lbs and knows that she
is a lap dog!!

So happy we found you guys!
Thanks so much!!!

(Molly x Moose)
Summit in her Springer Cut

This is Otis.

I got him from you maybe four
years ago.
He had got an eye infection
and you kept him and then I
bought him.  

What a great dog!  

I lost my other female last
When I'm ready I would buy
another from you.

Sorry to hear about your girl, Jeff.  As
we know all too well around here, it is
never easy to say goodbye to a furry
family member  We'll be here when you
are ready to find Otis a new buddy.  I
am just guessing here but is Otis a
Sophie  x  Moose?  Definitely a Moose
with that head!  He's gorgeous!  :)
                                 ~ Debbie
LEFT- Here's an update from Fenway who
recently wracked up some serious bling from
the Nosework Title circuit through the
Northwest region.

BELOW- Full sisters Lilly and Daisy living the
good life as hunting and serious play buddies
Hi Debbie,
I got a pup from you in October 2015.  Last Friday was Reggie’s second birthday so I thought it’d be a good time to
connect and send you some pictures.  The photos of him with the birds are really special because that was the first time
I took him duck hunting and we got a limit.  Reggie is such a great companion and invaluable member of the family.  Not
only does he have an awesome personality but he’s really coming along as a hunter too.  I can’t express how much I
appreciate your help with me getting a dog and just wanted to say thank you and let you know I’m very happy with him.  I
hope you, the family and the dogs are all doing well.   Wyatt
Since she was a puppy, she has always kept her nose to the ground & quartered on her own.  
Over the last few years, she has  brought us dead lizards, mice, and chipmunks at home. One night I watched her kill
an opossum, by shaking it violently in our yard.
She is the best Springer we have ever had! We love her so much! She is very loving and really wants to please!!!
Thank you so much!!!
We had her spayed at about 4 months old. Now, we wish we hadn’t! I know, with your assistance at finding the right
sire, she would have had a beautiful litter & been a great momma.
We get so many compliments on her beauty, coat, intelligence and her temperament. She is protective, but very rarely
barks. She loves car rides in her crate.
We tell everyone, if you want a wonderful, QUALITY Springer, for whatever reason, go to Debbie & Brian at California
Once again, thank you for being responsible breeders and giving us our Babe!!
Hi Debbie & Brian,
I wanted to let you know that our Babe (from
Penny X Lerdo) who is 3 ½ yrs old just went
hunting for the time this year.  

For various reasons, we didn’t get her out
there hunting previously.  

To everyone’s surprise, Babe knew pretty
much what to do. They only got 2 birds, one
each day but my son was very pleased. She
hasn’t had any official hunting training. I took
her to a puppy obedience class in Chico,
which I know was helpful.

She knew how to flush the pheasants &
doesn’t chase tweetie birds. If she sees a
rabbit, you just tell her, “no,” & she moves on..
We were also concerned she might be gun
shy, but she isn’t at all.

She has always understood our hand signals
& whistles.
We bought an E-collar and have never had to
shock her even once. However, she responds
happily to to pleasant tone.  

We have to work on her retrieving a bit.

She goes to the downed bird and seems to
corner and stay on it. She acts very proud of
her new conquest, yet she doesn’t bring it
back. But she will retrieve balls & toys. So we
will work on this task.
Woody  (Summer x Moose)
Lucy x Jeep pup
An absolute natural in the field.  
We are in love!
Lucy x Ricky

We finally did it!
NW3 Elite (Basically a champion title in Nose Work-scent, drug sniffing type stuff), High in Trial, and three firsts and a
third overall in the elements.

Fenway and the Golden Dog are celebrating together! ����

Congratulations Fenway and Karen!  You 2 are our Rockstars!!

Fenway is a Bailey x Moose to Penny  
Fenway  "Fen"     Bailey x Moose
(we miss you terribly Bailey Black Beanz!  You were our smartest springer ever and you
had wonderful pups! )
Rio and her Daddy Thomas