We are located in the East SF Bay Area, approximately one hour South West of Sacramento & 50 minutes East of SF.
Sorry, We do not ship our puppies.

Meet Our Pack!
Maggie is 7 years old and is truly the top dog around these parts.  She was professionally trained at California
Flyway Kennels to hunt field as well as from a boat.  She doesn't  field compete, but hunts strictly for the
sport of it.  If the camo is out .....she's raring to go.
An undeniable working dog, she is all business in the
field, no food, no games...she's got her vest on and
the girl's on a mission. She tears up the field and sits
patiently in the boat or blind waiting to make her splash
entrance.  When she gets home, she wants to pose
with her birds and find her spot on the foot of the bed.  
She is absolutely the best house dog, following us from
room to room to hang out with us.   She'll slowly climb
up on the love seat and be found snoring minutes later
with her paws in the air.  She loves to go to the spa for
a bath and trim.  She has a shorter springer coat.
Maggie is now 12 years old and has long been
retired from breeding
Sophia is from Maggie's last litter with Cash (Ch Man In Black).
OFA | normal       10-08 CERF | Clear
(liver & white)

Maggie Pre-delivery last litter
Bailey Black Beanz is our
first black and white english
springer spaniel.  
She is so smart.  
There is nothing we can't
teach her to do.  
She rings a bell on the
door to let us know she
wants to go outside, gives
high 5's and loves to flop
on the ground and play
dead when you give her a
'bang' with your gun finger.
She is our little actress and
loves attention.  She and
Maggie love to wrestle and
roll around on the bed.

Bailey has begun hunting
along side Maggie and has
done so well that we will
likely not have to send her
to the trainer.  Maggie is
still top dog and wont allow
her to retrieve but Bailey is
doing really great for a dog
with no formal training in

This girl also has a golden
personality.  She has her
own sense of humor and
love to play games with us.
We absolutely love our
Bailey Beanz!
Bailey       '08 CERF-clear   
Rudy ... You won't find a more affectionate dog than Rudy.  He loves everyone.  Let him sit at your feet, rub his ears
or brush his wavy coat and you've got a friend for life.  He is the epitome of the loyal boy, the good 'ol dog.  He has
just returned from Bird Dog Bunkhouse where he was in training.  We can't wait to get him out and see what he can
do.   Break out the tennis ball and you will see why they call them 'springers'.  He's got a spring that would put Tigger
to shame.  He leaps feet in the air trying to spot his ball, and no doubt, he'll be the first dog to find it!  He is fast,
sleek, athletic and so smart.  Tell him 'off the carpet' and he walks over and flops on the cool tile floor.   He is liver
and white with a gorgeous, long wavy coat.  We love the ticking or freckles in his coat.  Rudy is CERF Clear.
Bailey Black Beanz
Bailey has turned out to be a natural flusher out in the field.  On her first day out she found
and flushed 3 birds on her own without any direction.....she is a natural.  This pic is on her
2nd trip out pheasant hunting where she showed us she knows instinctively how to quarter.
Bailey is from out of Nevada. No relation to Maggie lines.
For a Black and White Springer, Storm has really heavy, strong ears.  She has the sweetest disposition and a built in squeeker
when she gets excited.  She is a water lovin' doll with the most feminine face I've ever seen.  Storm is out of Texas.
Sophia (maggies pup)
Ever Loyal ~ Mellow Moose  

Moose lives to please and just wants to
follow where ever we go.  Working in the
yard, if we should stop too long in one
spot, he'll have his paw or his chin set
down on the top of my foot - he'll make
certain I'm never far away.  He is the
babysitter for our pup, Penny.  He lets her
latch onto his ears running and tumbling on
the ground.   He loves to have his time
retrieving in the training yard but shares
the space, alternating with Penny.  He's
been out in the field searching for
pheasant and had some fun with a few
dove last season.  He loves to retrieve all
day long making a dummy launcher a
necessity around these parts!


PENNY's Daddy
California Springer's  

Our Penny is the daughter of our Bailey
and Rudy -  She is Super Smart,
athletic, eager to learn and please.  
But this girl lives to be a lap dog!
California Springer's Summer Storm aka: 'STORMY'
It's is nearly impossible to get a good picture of Sophie
because she insists on having her nose to the ground and
run, run, run is her motto.  She will even hunt Dragonflies if
the squirrels are staying high in the trees and it's not
pheasant season :)  
Sophie is the offspring of Maggie and Ch Shermade's Man in
Black aka: Cash
California Springer's  Maggie                                                                    Bench Champ Cash                  
Sophie's Parents                                                   
Molly's Grandparents