We are located in the East SF Bay Area, approximately one hour South West of Sacramento & 50 minutes East of SF.
Sorry, We do not ship our puppies.

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Adopting a Pup
Please make certain you understand that a puppy is not a puppy forever. Know your breed and their
needs carefully.  Puppies are small, cute and playful..........an adult can be big, clumsy and hyper for a few
years before they are fully trained or mellowed with age.  A dog is a long term commitment of time and
money for up to 15 years or more.  Should you lose your job, your house or you spouse,  we do provide a
forever home to our pups.  
We do not make up our own arbitrary Health Guarantee or Puppy Buyer Contract.  We follow the
California Law Regarding the Sale of Dogs. Breeders are required by law to provide this information in
writing to all their adoptive families.  We provide all of our buyers a copy in their baby bag.
A breeder can be responsible for a refund as well as vet fees however their own 'contracts' rarely inform
buyers of that.  
Our deposits are 100% refundable should you not find a pup for you at our puppy play day (choice day).
All of our puppy's come with the following:
AKC Limited Registration
Shots/Worming Giardia treatment Record
Complimentary Vet Check at Banfield Vets
(found in most Petsmart Stores)
Toys, Starter food, Treats, Coupons & Training
Our puppies are vet checked, dewclaws
removed, tails docked to around 3.5" and are
wormed starting at 2 wks.  They will receive 6
week and 9 week shots if they are here that
long.  Pups can go home at 8 weeks by law.
We ask our buyers, should they find themselves
needing to find a new home for their puppy, that they call us first.  We take great effort and care to produce
healthy, good tempermented dogs.  None of our dogs should ever end up in a shelter.  We will take our
dogs back to re-home or keep should the need arise.

To inquire about available puppies or future litters, please click here.